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Privacy Policy

  1. Recharges365 Provide Recharge admin panel.Recharges APIs / white lable Solutions, super distributor,distributor& Retailer like : Recharge, BBPS, Money Transfer,Dth,
  2. Offline booking like: PANCARD, AEPS, mATM, Bus, Flight, Hotel, Cab, Fastag, Gifts Cards, Plan fetch,
  3. Free Technical Support – Recharges365 will provide free technical support for any Issue in id activation
  4. Recharges365 reserves the rights to modify/change any Package/margin anytime with prior notification to their customers on white lebel,super distributor, distributor & Retailer Dashboard News Section.
  5. Recharges365 reserves the rights to increase/decrease margin/surcharge on any operator anytime with prior notification to their customers Dashboard News Section.
  6. Recharges365 also reserves the rights to terminate/suspend any of their customer account on violation of terms, Policies or misconduct, misbehavior, of if found suspect of any fraud or cheating. No refund will be provided in all cases.
  7. As per the standard practice we provide Last 30 Days report access and client can export their data backup time to time as we do not take any such responsibility in case of any issue from datacenter. so we advise to take regular report backups if required.
  8. In Case if there is any issue with any Services then users can write us mail on
  9. Recharge Operator Services are running on hybrid mode (Direct + Lapu) for maximum margin & maximum uptime.
  10. Bill Payments Services are running on BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) System.
  11. In case of changes in Margins/Surcharges we always provide prior notification on dashboard News section.
  12. Recharge Status will be as follows: SUCCESS / FAILED / PENDING
  13. In case if any Trnx status as "Pending" From operator then such trnx gets auto clear and we provide hit on call back URL to client on our API Panel. in case if any trnx is pending for more then 2 hrs and not cleared then write mail to us on
  14. For any technical issue / Transaction Related concerns then you can write Email us at: with CyTranxID / Related Trnx id for that service.
  15. in case if any dispute related to any transaction then Recharges365 team will check and provide valid solution, so client always need to co-operate as these are 3rd party services and need to check to operators end.
  16. You can make the payment via: Cheque Deposit/NEFT/INFT/RTGS/IMPS Only To add wallet Balance, No Cash Transactions are allowed
  17. Amount Limitation: There is Minimum Amount Limit is Rs. 500 for Virtual account or UPI System and Limit is Rs. 1000 if sending offline to bank account directly
  18. Balance Update Timing any day time on any working day.
  19. Manual Offline Fund update Requests Generally it take Mins 30 Hrs to Max 2 hr time in working Days (Subject to Payment Receipt), In case if Made NEFT/RTGS then it may take time to get update(Subject to Payment Receipt), in case if not undated in that 1 hr then you can write us mail on
  20. We suggest to Get the funds via IMPS / Same Bank Transfer if needed urgent funds to be updated in wallet.
  21. Helpline Mail at: for any issues. you will get the revert soon on working hours 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  22. Call and Mail support also available in case if delay in fund approval process

Thanks for your better understanding and co-operation

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